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Our Secure Server

Our Secure Server is hosted by TCSN.NET, an e-commerce service provider. This is why, when you use our shopping cart, you may notice "www.tcsn.net" in the location or address box on your browser. This is normal and secure.

In addition, if you click on the unbroken key or locked padlock in the lower corner of your browser (left or right depending on your browser type) you will bring up the Secure Server Certificate. You may notice that it is issued to TCSN.NET not R. J. Leahy Company. Again this is normal and is completely secure.

And finally, when you send an order through our shopping cart, your credit card information is encrypted (unless you choose "send unsecured") as it travels over the internet. Your order is downloaded encrypted directly from the Secure Server to our office never putting your credit card information at risk.

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